Linguistic Services

I offer a wide-range of linguistic services.  Please have a read of the list below to see how I can help you.
  • Translation (Italian > English, Portuguese > English)
Translation involves turning a text from one language into another, in my case, from Italian or Portuguese into English.
  • Revision (Italian > English, Portuguese > English)
Perhaps your file has already been translated and you would like a second pair of eyes to revise the file. Revision involves checking the translated file against its original source file to look for and amend any translation omissions as well as any linguistic, layout and formatting errors.
  • Proofreading (Italian > English, Portuguese > English)
Sometimes the translation is just how you like it but you need to check for typesetting errors and so need your file to be proofread.  Proofreading involves checking the translated file against the original source file but unlike revision does not involve checking for any linguistic errors.  The proofread is purely to check for layout and formatting inconsistencies as well as for sections of text that may have been missed during translation.
  • Transcription (English > English)
Transcription involves converting audio material into written format.  Please note that I would always have to assess audio quality of the files to be transcribed before committing to a project.
  • Subtitling (Italian > English, Portuguese > English)
I worked for three years in a subtitling company as a project manager and was trained in subtitling by one of the industry's leading subtitlers.  I do not own any subtitling software so I cannot create subtitle files at home from scratch but I can translate templates in .rtf format for import into your subtitling software on delivery.  I have used WinCaps and Swift and can time-cue confidently.